Being reliant on the disability support pension presented a major financial barrier for Simon to qualify for the work industry. A barrier which was overcome, thanks to our Ralph Sutton Fund which enables clients to receive financial assistance to undertake training.

In July 2013, Simon commenced his pre apprenticeship in cabinet making. Options ensured that he also received the tutorial and mentoring support required to finish the course.

After completing Simon was employed as a mature aged Cabinet Making apprentice by Distinction Joinery in Yangebup.  Options worked together with Simon, Distinction Joinery and MEGT to ensure a smooth transition to work.

“I don’t foresee a time where I’m not enjoying my job” says Simon “From the start David, my boss noticed how much I enjoyed my work and I started to relax into it”.

Owner of Distinction Joinery David Chidlow says, “Simon has very quickly become a valued member of our team. I look forward to a long and happy association with Simon and Options Employment”.