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In 1958, the Reverend Ralph Sutton, a young and energetic leader from the Western Australian Wesley Mission, now part of UnitingCare was approached by Bernice Moorhouse, a young woman with a hearing impairment who wanted to find meaningful employment. Her request struck a chord with Reverend Sutton, and he asked members of his parish to donate items of clothing, which were sorted, laundered and mended by Bernice in a small room at the rear of Wesley Mission, and then sold at a small price. This was the beginning of Good Samaritan Industries.

"When a dream meets a need, nothing can stop its realisation. Good Samaritan Industries is the realisation of a dream that has been so rapidly and splendidly fulfilled because as soon as it had begun it 'rang a bell' in the hearts of thousands." - Reverend Ralph Sutton

From these humble beginnings, Good Samaritan Industries now offers a much wider choice of employment and training opportunities to people with disabilities in Western Australia, and has helped approximately 5000 people to find meaningful employment over the years.

Find out more about Good Samaritan Industries including our Organisational Structure, Annual Report, Strategic Plan and our Finances.

To see how Good Samaritan Industries grew in its first 35 years see the newly released book A chance, not charity.

For information about our policies on Complaints, Whistleblowing and Privacy. Please see Corporate Governance.